Thursday, November 17, 2011

iPhone 4S 12月16日馬來西亞開賣

蘋果已經決定於12月16日在馬來西亞發售iPhone 4S,但是不排除或者會再延後。

本來已定於11月開售的iPhone 4S,因為iPhone 4的存貨量還很高而延遲發售。目前為止,Maxis已經清貨,Celcom和Digi則還有少量iPhone 4。

電訊公司基本上已經敲定iPhone 4S配套的設計,但是不到最後一分鐘還是會有更改的機會。而可以肯定的是馬來西亞iPhone 4S的零售價分別為:

- iPhone 4S 16GB - RM2190
- iPhone 4S 32GB - RM2590
- iPhone 4S 64GB - RM2890/RM2990


Apple had decided to launch iPhone 4S in Malaysia on December 16, but there are still possibilities changing of date.

Apple did originally planned to launch iPhone 4S in the end of November in Malaysia, but due to stock of iPhone 4 yet clear, they had to deffer the date. At of now, Maxis had sold out their stocks, Celcom and Digi left little to be clear.

Actually the Telcos are now finalizing the iPhone 4S plans, but yet, amendment are still possible from time to time, due to competition. But for sure, the iPhone 4S retail price will be as follow:

- iPhone 4S 16GB - RM2190
- iPhone 4S 32GB - RM2590
- iPhone 4S 64GB - RM2890/RM2990

So, for those Apple fans, you gonna wait for only 1 more month.

Source: Malaysian Wireless